35th Ricardo Seminar:  July 29, 2017

The 35th Ricardo Seminar will be held at Rikkyo University on July 29, 2017.

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Ricardo and International Trade, Routledge, 2017

Ricardo and International Trade edited by Shigeyoshi Senga, Masatomi Fujimoto, Taichi Tabuchi has just been published by Routledge.


Publisher: Routledge

Number of Pages: 276 pages

Publishing Date:May 2017

  • ISBN-10: 1138122459
  • ISBN-13: 978-1138122451


David Ricardo’s theories have been widely studied and discussed, including the prominent theory on comparative advantage. Ricardo and International Trade looks at the ongoing renaissance of the Ricardian international trade theory. The book’s interpretation brings fresh insights into and new developments on the Ricardian international trade theory by examining the true meaning of the ‘four magic numbers’. By putting together theories of comparative advantage and international money, the book attempts to elucidate Ricardo’s international trade theory in the real world. 

This book also features contributions from the Japanese perspective and compares Ricardian theories with those of his contemporaries, such as Malthus, Torrens and J. S. Mill. This book will be a valuable reference for researchers and scholars with interests in history of economic thought and international economics.




Introduction: Ricardo’s international trade theory 200 years on (Taichi Tabuchi, Masatomi Fujimoto, and Shigeyoshi Senga)


Part I: Ricardo's 'Four Magic Numbers' and Beyond

1. A Plain Man’s Guide to David Ricardo’s Principle of Comparative Advantage (Heinz D. Kurz)

2. Ricardo and International Trade Theory (Roy J. Ruffin)

3. David Ricardo's Trade Theory: Anticipations and Later Developments (Andrea Maneschi)

4. Yukizawa’s Interpretation of Ricardo’s ‘Theory of Comparative Costs’ (Taichi Tabuchi)

5. The Ricardian System: A Graphical Exposition (Neri Salvadori and Rodolfo Signorino)


Part II: Money and/or International Values

6. A Calm Investigation into Mr Ricardo's Principles of International Trade (Gilbert Faccarello)

7. Money and Ricardo’s "Magic Numbers" (Jérôme de Boyer des Roches)

8. Foreign Trade, International Values, and Gains from Trade: Ricardo, Pennington, Whewell and John Stuart Mill (Christian Gehrke)

9. Equilibrium in the International Economy: Ricardo’s Specie Flow Mechanism ―Logic and Development (Shigehiro Naruse)

10. On Ricardo's Two Rectification Problems (Yoshinobu Shiozawa)


Part III: Controversies over Ricardian International Trade Theory and Policy

11. Foreign Trade, Profits, and Growth: A Comparative Study of Ricardo and Malthus (Atsushi Masunaga)

12. J. S. Mill’s Idea of International Trade: The Inheritance from Ricardo’s Free Trade and Torrens’ Reciprocity (Masatomi Fujimoto)

13. Ricardo and the Committee on Agricultural Distress of 1821 (Masaharu Hattori)

International Workshop on Classical Economists and Classical Monetary Theory, March 14-15, 2017

International Workshop on Classical Economists and Classical Monetary Theory will be held at Rikkyo University in Tokyo on March 14-15, 2017. Details on the seminar can be accessed using the menu "Conference and Seminar" on the left.

The Ricardo Conference on the 200 anniversary of the publication of An Essay on the Influence of a law Price of Corn on the Profits of Stock, 2016

The Ricardo Conference on the 200 anniversary of the publication of An Essay on the Influence of a law Price of Corn on the Profits of Stock will be held in London in 2016. Details on the conference can be accessed using the menu "Conference and Seminar" on the left.

The Reception of David Ricardo in Continental Europe and Japan, Routledge, 2014

The Reception of David Ricardo in Continental Europe and Japan edited by Gilbert Faccarello and Masashi Izumo has just been published by Routledge.


Publisher: Routledge

Number of Pages: pp. vi + 249

Publishing Date:February 2014

ISBN: 978-0-415-82771-3 (hbk)

ISBN: 978-1-315-81946-4 (ebk)




Introduction: Ricardo’s travels into several remote nations


1: ‘Nous marchons sur un autre terrain.’ The reception of Ricardo in the French language: episodes from a complex history


2: The reception and further elaboration of Ricardo’s theory of value and distribution in the German-speaking countries, 1817–1914


3: The diffusion of Ricardo and classical political economy in Portugal


4: The reception and dissemination of Ricardo’s ideas in Spain


5: The influence of Ricardo on the monetary debate in Italy


6: The diffusion of Ricardo’s theories in Russia


7: The reception of Ricardo in Japan



Ricardo on Money and Finance: A Bicentenary Reappraisal, Routledge, 2013

Ricardo on Money and Finance: A Bicentenary Reappraisal edited by Yuji Sato and Susumu Takenaga has been published by Routledge.
Number of Pages:pp. x + 222
Publishing Date:May 2013
ISBN-10: 0415814677
ISBN-13: 9780415814676
Table of Contents 
Introduction: Ricardo’s monetary thought two hundred years after
Susumu Takenaga
PART I : Ricardo’s monetary theory in historical context
1 Monetary disequilibrium and the demand for money in Ricardo and Thornton
David Glasner
2 Prices, value and seigniorage in Ricardo’s monetary economics
Jerome de Boyer des Roches
3 Old and new interpretations of classical monetary theory
Yuji Sato
PART II : Aspects of Ricardo’s theory of money and finance
4 The value of money: labour theory of value and quantity theory in Ricardo’s economic theory
Susumu Takenaga
5 The role of the standard in Ricardo’s theory of money
Ghislain Deleplace
6 Interest rate, banking theory and monetary policy in Ricardo’s economics
Sylvie Diatkine
7 Ricardo’s theory of central banking: monetary system and Government
Toshiaki Otomo
PART III : The aftermath of Ricardo’s monetary thought
8 Ricardo versus Tooke: on the enduring value of their respective monetary theories to classical economics
Matthew Smith
9 Interwar reflections on the balance of payments: Taussig and the influence of the Ricardian bullionist tradition
Florencia Sember