36th Ricardo Seminar

Date: 23th December 2017

Place: Room A302, Bldg. No. 11, Rikkyo University, Tokyo




13:55–14:00 Opening


14:00–15:10 The First Session

Tadahiro YAMAO (Keio University, PhD Student) ‘J.S. Mill on Women's Employment: Focusing on the Revision of the Third Edition of Principles of Political Economy.’

Discussant: Keiko FUNAKI (Musashi University)

Chair: Shunsuke MOROIZUMI (The Open University of Japan)

15:20–16:20 Provision of Information

Yuji SATO (Rikkyo University) ‘On Some Recent Interpretations of Adam Smith’s Theory of Money and Banking.’

Chair: Satoshi NIIMURA (Okayama University)

16:20–16:50 Coffee Break

16:50–18:00 The Second Session

Chair: Taro HISAMATSU (Doshisha University) / Naoyuki WAKAMATSU (Kobe University, PhD Studuent) ‘The

Ricardo-Malthus Debate over Public Debt Policy Reconsidered: Ricardo on Short-term Government Bond.’

Discussant: Shigemasa SATO (Onomichi City University, Emeritus Professor)

18:00–18:15 General Meeting

18:30–20:30 A Convivial Party at the Italian Restaurant Tante Grazie (http://tante-grazie.jp/)


※All the papers which are to be read at the meeting will be uploaded upon the site of the Ricardo Society: